If you love life, celebrate Israel’s amazing hostage rescue

Israel, it turns out, can’t even rescue innocents without Hamas’ cheerleaders and useful idiots in the West erupting in outrage.

The war against Hamas, prompted by the horrors of Oct. 7., has seen much darkness. But finally, a ray of light broke through.

A daring rescue mission took back four hostages that the Islamist killers had seized at the Nova music festival: Noa Argamani, Almog Meir, Andrey Kozlov and Shlomi Ziv.

Arnon Zamora was killed during the mission to save the hostages. Israel Police

The raid showed the hallmarks Israeli military and intelligence actions are deservedly famous for. Unthinkable bravery, unfathomable skill, bone-deep resolution. 

And as with Yoni Netanyahu in the equally heroic and daring rescue of Israeli hostages at Entebbe airport in 1976, the leader of this mission sacrificed his own life for those of his fellow citizens — Arnon Zamora, may his memory be a blessing. 

In a sane world, the rescue would have been cause for global celebration: The deliverance of captives from the hands of monstrous Islamist killers. 


Outrage from United Nations and European Union functionaries that Israel dared to act at all — because Palestinians died in the course of the rescue. 

Gaza’s Health Ministry, a proven fount of lies, claims 274 deaths, but there’s ample reason to distrust these figures.

A woman joyfully wrapped in an Israeli flag celebrating on the streets after the safe return of four Israeli hostages. Sharon Eilon/SOPA Images/Shutterstock

Yet pro-Hamas journalists at The Washington Post, the Associated Press, the BBC and elsewhere took the Jewish state to task in their headlines and reporting, implying that Jewish lives aren’t quite worth enough to command the last full measure of devotion from their fellow countrymen. 

Leftist terror-lovers on X went even farther, with some absurdly stating that if they’d been taken by Hamas, they wouldn’t even want to be rescued if it meant civilian casualties. 

Even Vice President Kamala Harris in a Saturday speech spent more time “mourning” the deaths of those Palestinians than she did rejoicing over the rescue.

Noa Argamani, 25, was returned to her family.

This moral fog has persisted since Israel began to fight back against a group proudly and publicly devoted to its destruction and the mass-murder of its citizens.

So let’s be clear.

Hamas, and Hamas alone, bears responsibility for these civilian deaths.

The group hid the hostages in Gaza’s Nuseirat market area precisely to ensure this outcome; anyone arguing that such deaths are a stain on Israel is doing the work of would-be genocidaires. 

The rescue should and must be celebrated among everyone who loves life more than death. 

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