Harrison Butker Speech Transcript- Controversial Comment sparked debate online!

The article gives highlights on Harrison Butker Speech Transcript, his Wife, the viral Video, change.org, and Gay. 


  • Harrison Butker is the concert City chief who has grabbed LimeLight for his controversial comment that he made at the Benedictine college, in which he talked against the President. 
  • People all across the globe are eager to know the details of his comment that sparked debate, and they wish to know the complete details of the speech.
  • Joe Biden, the president of the United States, commented that women should focus on motherhood and becoming wives rather than earning money. 
  • The Harrison Butker Speech Transcript criticizes the president for his ill comments regarding the women of the society and for taking them down. 

Harrison Butker Speech Transcript

About Harrison Butker Speech Transcript

About Harrison Butker Speech Transcript

The city chief kicker, Harrison Butker, made comments against the president for talking ill about women, and you also talk about pride month. The NFL player highlighted various topics, such as surrogacy and abortion, and the cultural values that people must hold within themselves. 

Not only President, but Harrison has also talked against the Catholic Church and its ideology and how it misleads people. He taunted the Benedictine college students for embracing their religion and how they were not okay with Pride Month. The speech faced criticism, and people also requested that he be released from his team. 

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Harrison Butker Wikipedia 

Full Name Harrison Butker 
Date of birth  14 July, 1995
Place of birth Georgia 
Age  28 years 
Profession  Football Player
Marital status  Married 
Spouse name  Isabelle Butker
Children  2
Nationality  American 

Harrison Butker Speech Video

Harrison Butker Speech Video

Harrison Butker Speech Video

People are curious to find the video in which Harrison talks about gender equality and supports the LGBTQ community. The video is available on several social media platforms, including Twitter and YouTube, and people interested can see it online. 

The Harrison Butker Speech Transcript also focuses on the lies that women were told about pursuing careers and how the family’s success depends upon the women holding their responsibility as wives and mothers. Harrison has also revealed that world leaders have pushed several dangerous ideological ideas into the minds of the youth.

 Harrison Butker Wife

Harrison Butker married Isabelle Butker in 2018. In a controversial speech, he commented that his Wife would be the first person to accept the fact that her life release started when she became a wife and her mother. 

Harrison and Isabelle met in High School in 2013, and they continued their relationship. Finally, in 2018, they got married after she converted her religion and became a Catholic. 

Harrison Butker change.org

The Harrison Butker Speech Transcript gathered huge LimeLight from everyone. The Kansas City Chiefs player was criticized for his mean comments on women after the speech, and a petition was signed on change.org about dismissing him for his controversial remarks. 

People say that such comments threaten social progress and create a toxic environment. They are not happy with a public figure making use of their platform and commenting mean things about anyone, especially women. 

Harrison Butker Gay

After Harrison was found supporting the pride month, people were skeptical about him being gay, but the matter is something else. Harrison is not gay, but he constantly supports the lgbtq community, and he praised the women of the Benedictine College for accepting their religion with pride but not supporting Pride Month. 

People who are curious to know about the viral video and those who wish to know about his controversial remarks can find the video online. 

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