Halle Bailey Reveals Son’s Face & DDG Drags Halo’s Haters

Halle Bailey and DDG finally revealed Halo’s face in new family photos, and daddy Darryl let the chopper sing after clocking comments “talking crazy” about his baby boy.

Halle Bailey & DDG attend 66th GRAMMY Awards - 2024 Recording Academy Honors Presented By The Black Music Collective

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Since Halo’s holiday arrival sometime around December, his protective parents have kept his cuteness under wraps. On Wednesday, Halle and DDG gave the world a first look at their bundle of joy while vacationing in Italy. The celebrity couple had some fun in the sun in their adorable family photos while little Halo stole the spotlight.

“Halo’s first time in Italy,” Halle wrote in the caption.

When it comes to designer dressing, Halo took after his multitalented mama in a white Dolce & Gabbana onesie. The luxury Italian brand brought Halle back to Sardinia for the Alta Moda 2024 show. She wore a white glittering strapless gown and DDG matched her chic in a coordinating sweater.

Halle shouted out D&G for the return to her “mermaid home,” where she filmed much of The Little Mermaid.

DDG also took to Instagram with super cute close-ups to ask, “Who halo look like more?”

The carousel included the social media influencer making the same crying face as his mini-me and some of DDG’s baby pics.

In another post, the rapper hilariously showed off the family resemblance.

“Me & my twinn can’t walk outside the crib wit out our chains on!! I need a baby size Richard Mille for my son IMMEDIATELY, jewelers tap in,” he joked.

As some fans pointed out, Halo is a perfect blend of both because he also “looks just like baby Halle.”

Inviting internet comments about who can claim credit for Halo’s adorable face was innocent fun. However, it quickly took a nasty turn that reiterated why so many celebrities keep their kids out of the public eye.

Check out DDG dragging Halo haters and behind-the-scenes footage from their family photos with Halle Bailey after the flip!

DDG Claps Back At “Broke, Dirty, Fat Back B***hes” For “Talking Crazy” About Halo

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DDG must stand for “Daddy Dragging Game” because it’s something serious when it comes to defending Halo. The new father flamed fans for rude comments following the face reveal. Hollywood Unlocked reports he quickly entered the chat on his to give the social media menaces a taste of their own medicine.

It’s one thing to side-eye the professional prankster for seemingly taking his trolling too far, especially when it comes to Halle. Yet, comments directed at their innocent child should remain off-limits. On DDG’s YouTube channel, he reacted to the rude replies about his 6-month-old, stating, “It just makes me mad.”

During a vlog of Halo getting his first haircut, a behind-the-scenes look at the photoshoot, and the Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda 2024 fashion show. At the end of the whirlwind trip, DDG opened up about keeping his little one hidden.

“It’s been a long, long six months, man. Just been keeping it a secret. I read a few comments, and I know I got the best-looking son in the entire world,” he began.

Despite his overwhelming joy and pride, the people insulting Halo still got to DDG.

“I’ve seen a few poor, broke, dirty, fat-back b***hes on Instagram talking about my son. And it just makes me so angry and mad, but then I have to realize that my son is richer than them and he has a more successful life. He’s in Italy at 6 months, he’s been across the world already and only been living for 6 months; and they’re broke, poor, can barely eat, probably on welfare and they’re grown probably living with their momma.”

He thought about the innocent people who caught unnecessary strays, and clarified that he only meant to offend the people hating on his baby.

“Now if you’re a nice person and I described your life in any way, I don’t mean no harm. I’m talking about the people who was talking crazy about my son,” he added, before warning trolls to “keep that s**t on the internet.”

DDG admitted that he’s “crash-out” protective about his child, even if he knows the 1% of internet instigators are loud and wrong. He revealed his relief after working hard to blur everything and protect his privacy.

Check out the full vlog from DDG and Halle’s Italian vacation with Halo below.

It’s rough when shady social media shenanigans hit home. Fortunately, the new parents can get plenty of advice from Halle’s mentor, Beyoncé, on dealing with trifling trolls.

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