Full video of Guru Rudra Tara kissing a follower goes viral on Twitter/X and Reddit

Guru Rudra Tara, a prominent spiritual leader, has became the subject of criticism after a viral video of him allegedly kissing a follower went viral 

For the unversed, social media platforms especially Reddit and X/Twitter are currently buzzing with the viral video reportedly featuring Guru Rudra engaging in a moment with a follower.

Full video of Guru Rudra Tara kissing follower goes viral on Twitter/X and Reddit

As per reports, the clip seemed to be captured in a phone camera features Guru Rudra Tara in a close embrace, culminating in a kiss with a follower. As of now the source of the video remains unknown.

The authenticity of the video remains unverified, but it has certainly ignited a storm across social media platforms, with devotees expressing shock and disappointment.

Efforts are underway to confirm the video’s authenticity and understand its origins, adding layers to the ongoing discussion about how the video was obtained and disseminated.

Though as of now we are unable to locate the video. There are several websites that claim to have the video but they are just clickbait, made in order to gain more clicks from users.

We’ll urge you not to click on any of those links as they oftentimes comes with various bugs which can hamper your online activity.

Netizens Reactions

Meanwhile, reports reveals that various users on internet are questioning the appropriateness of the behavior depicted between a spiritual leader and his disciple as they argue that Guru Rudra’s actions blur the lines and potentially exploit the power dynamic inherent in such relationships.

Though there are several who came forward to defend him as they saying that the kiss could be a form of expression of love within spiritual context or boundary.

Did Guru Rudra Address the Issue?

Amidst the viral controversial video, Guru Rudra Tara has remained silent. Though there are a few outlets which claim that in response to the video, Guru Rudra Tara’s representatives have issued a statement on the entire event as the video goes viral.

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