Firerose Cyrus reveals how arrest led to sobriety

Firerose Cyrus has revealed how she was “weeks from death” before a fateful arrest led to her embracing sobriety.

The Australian singer, who is in the midst of a bitter divorce from Billy Ray Cyrus, was in the grip of drug addiction when she was arrested in July 2016.

After befriending a stranger on Venice Beach in California, Cyrus — who legally changed her name to Firerose from Johanna Rose Hodges — went back to what she believed to be the woman’s house.

Firerose Cyrus has reveled how she is grateful for her arrest for saving her life. Instagram/firerose

However, it was not her property, and the owners called the cops as soon as they arrived home.

Cyrus was arrested, and because she did not have the cash to bail herself out, spent time in jail waiting for her hearing. All in all, she spent 60 days behind bars.

“You could say it was ‘wrong place, wrong time’,” Cyrus told Page Six, “But I like to say it ended up being the right time.

Cyrus has alleged that her estranged husband, Bily Ray Cyrus subjected her to abuse. He denies this. Lisa Rhea Photography

“I had a few really difficult, dark years, I was struggling with addiction, which is nothing to be ashamed of.

“I was at rock bottom, as we say in the recovery community, but I was given a gift. Otherwise, I would for sure be dead. I was a few weeks away from death, if that.”

She added, “It was by the grace of God that I was arrested; on that fateful day, God knew that I had to be physically separated from the situation I was in.

Cyrus – seen with Billy Ray and their dog – is now working on music about her recovery. billyraycyrus/Instagram

“I was taken into a literal cell where I was able to spend time with God, he reached me in a way that only he could and I was given a second chance of life.”

Cyrus, now 34, was given time served and her charges were taken down to trespassing, a misdemeanor, and she was given probation for three years, according to court records seen by Page Six.

Cyrus, on stage in Nashville, said she got a second chance at life after her arrest. Getty Images for ACM

“I did not rob anybody, and the court recognized I was not a criminal, I was a drug addict,” she said.

She spent a year living in sober community and said that with the help of prayer, mediation and reading, she got a life she never knew she could have.

“I was moving in such different circles and with no way out,” she said. 

Billy Ray Cyrus is estranged from his Grammy-winning daughter Miley Cyrus. AFP via Getty Images

The sober living meant she was separated from being able to get drugs.

“By the time I was free, I was sure that my new path was towards God and towards sobriety and my old life was behind me,” Cyrus added.

“It was a miracle.”

Billy Ray and Firerose seen with Noah Cyrus. billyraycyrus/Instagram
Before their split, Firerose and Billy Ray Cyrus performed together. They’re seen at Dolly Parton’s pet gala. CBS via Getty Images

Now eight years clean, Cyrus says it has been “tremendously challenging,” however, “I now have a way of life and a supportive, loving community of sober sisters and brothers, I’ve never been alone.”

Despite a break-up from Billy Ray after just seven months of marriage, Cyrus — who has accused the ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ singer of subjecting her to abuse — is working on new music.

Billy Ray, 62 , the father of superstar Miley Cyrus, who filed for divorce in May, denies the allegations and any abuse.

Cyrus says her music is all about her recovery and sobriety.

“I’m so excited to share it to the world,” Cyrus said, “I just hope and pray that my story can be an inspiration to other young women.”

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