Even the Sims are polyamorous now with latest ‘Lovestruck’ game update

Gamers are taking their virtual relationships to the next level.

EA Games announced this month that they’ve added a polyamorous romantic aspect to their popular life simulation game, The Sims 4.

The Sims can now choose to be polyamorous with the game’s latest update. The Sims/Youtube

Coming July 25, the update is part of the game’s latest expansion pack, dubbed Lovestruck, which includes a chance to explore their in-game city of love, Ciudad Enamorada, where Sims can join their lover on a romantic excursion, as well as very own dating app, Cupid’s Corner. Sims who struggle to keep the spark alive now also risk the possibility of death by heartbreak.

The Lovestruck expansion pack’s new Romantic Boundaries system allows users to customize their Sims’ preferred relationship structures, including forms of non-monogamy, by adjusting thier levels of romantic exclusivity and capacity for jealousy. “This allows for Sims to date multiple Sims without impact to other relationships,” according to a recent blog post about the Sims 4 update on EA.com.

The Sims can visit their own city of love, Ciudad Enamorada, for romantic excurisions with prospective partners. The Sims/Youtube

Players can also customize their Sims’ turn-ons and offs and check the status of their relationship satisfaction. The more dates your Sims take, the higher their Romantic Skill level soars — which could launch them on track to become a Romance Consultant for other Sims.

They’ll also have access to multiple romantic dynamics; for example, two Sims falling in love (“Wholesome”), sharing a high sexual connection (“Steamy”), navigating conflict (“Strained”) and stuck in a break-up and make-up cycle (“Unpredictable”).

Exmaple dating app profile on Cupid’s Corner, part of Sims 4’s Lovestruck expansion pack. The Sims/Youtube
These canoodling Sims are testing out a new “WooHoo” spot. The Sims/Youtube

Just as real people come with baggage, so too do update Sims, who can be characterized as love-addicted, emotionally avoidant or anxiously attached.

Sims are also getting more action with a new smooching style, dance moves and three new locations to “WooHoo” — if you catch the game developers’ drift.

The Sims have expanded their gender and sexuality options in recent years, including a spectrum of sexual orientation settings. Last year, gender-affirming clothing, such as binders, and scars indicating seuxal reassignment surgery were added for Sims who identify as trans.

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