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Eddie Murphy magnificently owns the titles of Movie Star, Standup-Comedian, and Producer.

July 3rd, 2024 – He has effortlessly done so for over four decades. Many comedians have called Murphy ‘a treasure’ to the world of entertainment. He starred on Saturday Night Live during the 1980s and critics credit that era of SNL as one of the funniest times in showbiz history. 

Eddie Is Ready To Look Back is the title of his new interview. Eddie Murphy sits down for an indepth conversation with the New York Times’ The Interview with Podcast Host, David Marchese. The actor has been delighting fans for many decades. In this one on one candid conversation, he talks about fame and reflects on his stellar film and stand-up career.

During his run on SNL, the talented star was famously known for his characters Gumby, Buckwheat a grown-up version of Buckwheat from The Little Rascals, and Mr. Robinson, a slapstick comical Mr. Rogers from the popular children’s show, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. 

Eddie Murphy Children

The phenomenal movie star explains how he has maintained longevity in the industry. He attributes his large family with keeping him grounded and focused.

Last December Eddie appeared on the Today Show and talked about his 10 children who lovingly support their Dad. In this latest interview, he spoke about spending time with his family and how likes to be at home with his kids. 

Eight out of the ten children: Eric, 34, (Mother, Paulette McNeely) Bria, 34, Myles Mitchell, 31, Shayne Audra, 29, Zola Ivy, 23, Bella Zahra, (Mother, Nicole Murphy) 21, Angel Iris, 16, (Mother, Mel Brown ~ The Spice Girls) Christian 33, (Mother, Tamara Hood).

Eddie Murphy Looking Back Podcast Interview

Murphy’s Family re:post from Eric Murphy (son) Instagram

Murphy’s Partner

He shares two children Izzy Iona, 7, and Max Charles, 5 with his current partner, Paige Butcher, who he referred to as his wife, during the candid conversation.

Eddie Murphy Movies

It’s been 40 years since the widely popular blockbuster movie franchise, Beverly Hills Cop, first emerged onto the big screen. The actor was just 22 years old when the original film premiered.

By then, he had already established himself in the comedy world and was embarking on a film career. And quite the career it has been so far. From the moment he starred on the hit show SNL, to his first break-out performance in ‘Trading Places,’ audiences around the world have been loving him ever since.

Murphy seems to give his die-hard fans and audience what they ask for – different sides of his multifaceted career. His roster of great hits include, the Shrek franchise, Coming To America, The Nutty Professor, Trading Places, comedy/drama flicks Mr. Church  and 48 hours. His Beverly Hills franchise is in its fourth installment currently airing on Netflix.

Murphy Awards

In 2015, the actor received The Mark Twain Prize Award for American Humor. The Twain award is the highest award given to individuals who have achieved excellence and had an impact on American society.

He won over critics for his portrayal in the docudrama Dolemite which was released in 2019, and received overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics and fans.

He earned a Grammy in 1984 for Best Comedy Album ‘Eddie Murphy: Comedy Album.’ Decades later he would be nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the Oscar Awards in 2007 for his role in DreamGirls.

The Producer of so many films, has garnered many more accolades over his illustrious career, and has proven that he can deliver just about any genre of movies all the way to success. 

Eddie Murphy returns as Axel Foley in Beverly Hills 4: Axel F which is now playing on Netflix.

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