DJ Akademiks Claims That Sketch Coming Out As Gay Will Actually Boost His Career

Sketch has been the talk of the Twitch community this week. The Madden streamer admitted that he previously ran an OnlyFans account in which he performed sexual acts with other men. The scandal spread like wildfire, with opinions being split on whether it would ruin his career. Some theorized that Sketch’s sports fanbase would reject him, while other notable streamers voiced their support. Then there’s DJ Akademiks, who posed a third option. Ak actually thinks Sketch’s career will benefit from controversy.

DJ Akademiks discussed the Sketch situation on July 10. He claimed upfront that he did not watch Sketch’s content, but told the streamer to save his tears. “Let me tell you this,” Ak stated. “You just got an upgrade on your career.” The hip-hop personality proceeded to make the case for Sketch coming out as a positive given the current cultural landscape. “If you say anything that’s derogatory to gay people, you get banned anyway,” he noted. “I don’t think he’s gonna be judged. I think his career is gonna go up.” DJ Akademiks doubled down on this stance, going as far as to say that it’s “profitable” to be a streamer who is gay in 2024.

DJ Akademiks Considers The Sketch Controversy To Be A “Win”

Ak is so convinced that Sketch will benefit that he jokingly claimed he would come out if he was a white streamer. “I would be lying to y’all, saying I’m gay,” he added. “Somebody better talk to Sketch… you gay, that’s a win.” The most prominent example DJ Akademiks provided of this positive boost was the fact that he had never heard of Sketch prior to the OnlyFans leaks. He claimed that he was told about the controversy through people who work for him. “I don’t even know who the n**ga was,” he asserted.

During the stream in which he addressed his past, Sketch admitted he considered quitting. “I’ll be honest,” he told viewers. “Plan A was, and I’ll say it candidly, probably call it quits if this ever came out.” He also considered taking his own life at one point. He credited the support of his family and fellow streamers for deciding to go on with his Twitch career. “But some people saved me. Shoutout [FaZe] Banks, shoutout my parents, shoutout y’all.” Only time will tell if DJ Akademiks’ prediction will prove true. As it stands, it’s encouraging to know that Sketch will continue to stream.

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