Buy one Z Grill, get ten free grills for $7000 of savings

Z Grills may have just cooked up the hottest deal of the summer. But, it won’t last forever.

For today only, buy one of Z Grills’s advanced 700 or 1000 series grills for just $777, and starting on the 5th year of your purchase, you’ll be sent a brand new, free grill. Not just once, but every five years. That means if you buy one grill today, you will receive a total of ten free grills over 50 years (a $100 shipping fee per free grill applies.)

You read that right. That’s a lifetime of grilling goods, with a total of roughly $7000 worth of savings. The only catch? Only a number of these one-for-ten grill deals are available, and they’re already running out fast. Buy one now or feel the burn!

The rest is up to you; you may choose to continuously upgrade your grilling setup with top-notch technology, or you might decide to gift a lucky someone a brand-new grill every five years. As the original purchaser, you have the option to either claim the grill yourself or gift it to someone else within the specified redemption period.

While supplies last, shoppers can choose from a total of eight models that apply towards the one-for-ten promotion. These pellet grills are stacked with a variety of advanced features including LCD control boards, automated electric feed systems, extra-large hoppers, dual wall construction, dual meat probes, and generous enclosed storage cabinets.

Don’t wait! There are only a number of grills left, and the clock is ticking away.

A black barbecue grill with a basket and a bucket
Z Grills

Barbeque fanatics boast that some of these pellet systems are some of the best on the market. Many models offer an automated electric feed system so you can “set it and forget it.” Plus, the durable insulation and added meat probes help create a rich, wood-smoked flavor that gives restaurant-quality taste to all your grilled goods. Some customers argue these grills are far superior to propane options.

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