Buster Olney’s X account shared fake Mets, Shohei Ohtani news in bizarre hack

Monday was a bizarre day to be on X for baseball fans.

One of baseball fans’ go-to sources for information, Buster Olney, found himself hacked and his account posting nonsense before sending out several false baseball tidbits including one about the Mets and another about the rival Phillies. 

The odd posts started with the hacked account writing “What is happening really” and “sorry.. I got hacked!”

Buster Olney’ on ESPN’s X account was hacked on Monday. ESPN

However, the posts only got more odd and nonsensical as they continued and the hacker appeared to just be toying around with the account. 

“I promise that if 500 comments write ‘OGUN F–k Your Mother’, I will give the account back to its owner,” one post read. 

Another post said “I will f–k your mothers you guys will see.”

Then later the hacker tried to trick baseball fans with several fake trades posted to the baseball insider’s account. 

“The New York Mets are finalizing a deal that will send Francisco Lindor to the Oakland Athletics, sources tell ESPN,” one post read. 

Another indicated that the Phillies and White Sox were trying to finalize a trade that included Luis Robert Jr. 

Another baseball-related post said that Shohei Ohtani was being charged for gambling.

No, Mets fans, Francisco Lindor was not traded on Monday. Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post
Shohei Ohtani isn’t being charged for gambling. Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The account also posted “I Hate METS” and one claiming to not even know who Buster Olney is. 

As of this writing, the posts from the hacker appeared to be deleted. 

Olney boasts 1.3 million followers on X. 

MLB insider Buster Olney had his X account hacked and a series of bizarre posts followed on Monday.

The hack certainly had baseball fans online chiming in to what happened. 

“Buster Olney’s twitter hack is the kind of hack that used to happen in like 2012. A real throwback hack,” one person on X wrote. 

“Wow look who hacked Buster Olney,” another wrote with a picture of Mr. Met included in the post. 

“If the dude who hacked Buster Olney didn’t try to show off before dropping the trade tweets it would have had like 100x more of an effect,” One person said on social media.

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