Brittany Cartwright reacts to Lala Kent airing their babysitter feud

Brittany Cartwright broke her silence on her feud with Lala Kent.

Brittany Cartwright is revealing where she and Lala Kent stand amid their feud over a babysitter.

The “Valley” star told “When Reality Hits” podcast listeners on Friday that she was “kind of thrown” by Kent airing their drama during the “Vanderpump Rules” reunion in May.

“I didn’t know that she was gonna talk about that,” Cartwright, 35, said, claiming she and Kent, 33, had “already apologized” to each other by the time the sitdown was filmed.

The former “Vanderpump Rules” co-stars are at odds over a babysitter. stassischroeder/Instagram
Kent aired their beef during the show’s reunion last month. Nicole Weingart/Bravo

“We were completely fine, everything was good so I was … like, ‘Why is this being talked about at the reunion?’” she continued.

Cartwright, who was “taken [a]back” by Kent’s comments, noted, “I didn’t really understand and I still don’t really understand that part, but I do love Lala.”

She refrained from clapping back at her former co-star, instead keeping her response “short and sweet.”

Cartwright admitted to being “thrown” by the reveal. brittany/Instagram
She was “taken [a]back” by the footage. brittany/Instagram

Kent made headlines last month when she called Cartwright a “Kentucky muffin.”

The pregnant star blasted Cartwright for allegedly acting “so f–king out of pocket” the day she found out the sex of her second baby by messaging her mom, Lisa Burningham.

“Do not text my mother the day that I find out that we’re having a baby girl and say, ‘Did you really hire our nanny without our permission?’” Kent said.

Cartwright said she had “already apologized” by that point. lalakent/Instagram
As for where they stand now, she said, “I do love Lala.”

She clarified that Cartwright had been referring to a babysitter and not a nanny, calling the jobs “very different” things.

“Had it not been Brittany, my mom would have slapped this ho the next time she saw her,” Kent added. “Are you joking?”

She claimed that Cartwright defended her text at the time by saying her estranged husband, Jax Taylor, was “yelling” at her.

The feud began the day Kent found out the sex of her second baby. lalakent/Instagram
Cartwright messaged Kent’s mom and acted “so f–king out of pocket.” brittany/Instagram

The “Give Them Lala” podcast host replied, “Well, then you need to have Jax call me so I can eat him alive instead.”

Page Six reported in May that Kent, who is also publicly feuding with Ariana Madix, is in early talks to join Cartwright and Taylor, 44, on “The Valley.”

“She is very connected with that cast,” a source told us. “Those girls are her very good friends and mom crew.”

Kent blasted the “Kentucky muffin.” lalakent/Instagram
Cartwright is currently undergoing a separation from husband Jax Taylor. brittany/Instagram

However, the insider claimed she would still remain on “Vanderpump Rules” as the series is her “home” and “it’s not one or the other.”

“The Valley” premiered in March, with Cartwright and Taylor’s separation playing out on the first season’s finale last week.

The couple called it quits in February and are free to “date other people” during their time apart — although Taylor has claimed they are “working things out.”

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