Brits believe Reform party minister, Mark Matlock, is an AI generated candidate

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Brits believe Reform party minister, Mark Matlock, is an AI generated candidate. (Read More Here).

Taking to social media, a Brit woman, Michelle, raised the alarm. She wrote:

“We might be on the verge of a HUGE SCANDAL. Suspicions have been raised that Reform have fielded election candidates that aren’t real people. Is there any evidence that Mark Matlock (candidate for Clapham & Brixton Hill) actually exists? He looks AI generated.”


I’m honoured to have the opportunity to be representing Clapham and Brixton Hill for the Reform Party 2024.

I joined the party because I’m passionate about making this country a much better place for everyone living here.

As part of the Reform Party, I want to make a positive difference in the community and help create big changes in London.

We must stop rising crime and gang violence culture by working on increasing funding for the Met and enable more searches. We should improve policing on local housing estates. 

I want to abolish the ULEZ charge south of the Thames, where there is no strong reason to charge people for driving through the Capital.

On roads we all know that they are in a terrible condition and it is costing hardworking people millions of pounds to repair damage to their vehicles. I want to enforce fines to be issued to councils if they continue to be negligent with maintenance.  

We should continue to increase funding for the NHS and reduce waiting times.

We should ensure that children have adequate meals. Proper nutrition is vital for physical and mental health. 

We should ensure help and support for struggling families, increase disability benefits and lower the retirement age.

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