Blake Lively Jokes About Ryan Reynolds & Hugh Jackman’s ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ Promo Tour, Implies They’re Having Too Much Fun | Blake Lively, deadpool & wolverine, Hugh Jackman, Marvel, Movies, Ryan Reynolds | Just Jared: Celebrity News and Gossip

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are keeping busy promoting their new movie Deadpool & Wolverine, but they’re having way too much fun for it to look like work to Blake Lively.

The Marvel stars were recently in Seoul, South Korea to attend some events for the movie, which premieres later this month.

At one point, they even hopped on a stage with water guns, which they squirted into the audience. Blake shared the video on social media and teased the pair about their antics.

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Blake reposted the video on her Instagram Story and poked fun at her husband and his close pal.

“When he tells you he’s going to work And then you see him on MYV Spring Break,” she wrote. “Boys Gone Wild A Deadpool & Wolverine Story”

Ryan and Hugh are just getting started. On Saturday (July 6), we got new photos of them attending the UEFA EURO 2024 quarter-final match in Berlin, Germany. It looks like they had another great time!

If you missed it, Blake recently had another viral response to a photo of Ryan.

Deadpool & Wolverine premieres in theaters on July 26. Marvel recently got some very good news about the project.

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