Biden, Macron tout freedom, cooperation at joint press conference in Paris

President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron touted freedom and cooperation during their joint press conference in Paris on Saturday as both celebrated the return of four Israeli hostages who were freed from Hamas captivity in a daring rescue earlier in the day.

“We won’t stop working until all the hostages come home and a ceasefire is reached,” vowed Biden, 81.

Macron, 46, opened the remarks by emphasizing that there “should be no double standards” on international issues, before thanking Biden for his support amid the war in Ukraine.

President Biden and President Macron spoke about a ceasefire in Gaza and support for Ukraine POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Macron – who has turned heads in recent months as an outspoken critic of Israel’s operations in the Gaza Strip – also said that France would support the negotiation package presented by the United States.

“Together with President Biden we want to have a joint roadmap – we must trust in in the future, we need to trust in progress, trust in innovation,” Macron insisted.

Biden thanked Macron for his hospitality during the 80th anniversary D-Day commemorations and subsequent fanfare – including a military parade down the Champs Élysées on Saturday morning.

France and the US, Biden said, have “shown the power of allies.”

“Our two countries are standing with the Ukrainian people as they fight off Putin’s brutal aggression,” Biden continued.

The press conference was meant to display the importance of allyship.
The press conference coincided with the 80th anniversary of D-Day. The White House

The commander-in-chief also boasted about the latest $225 million package for Ukraine, which he said he wished “we could have done six months earlier.”

Biden previously publicly apologized to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky for the delay in the package, which he blamed on Republican opposition.

“Putin’s not gonna stop at Ukraine, it’s about much more than Ukraine. All of Europe will be threatened,” Biden continued. “We’re standing with our allies, we will not walk away.”

“Today, I proudly stand with France to support freedom and democracy around the world,” the president concluded his remarks.

Biden and Macron did not take questions. The pair left the dual podium side-by-side, and were to reunite for a formal state dinner on Saturday evening.

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