Bethenny Frankel Breaks Silence on Ex Paul Bernon’s Relationship with Aurora Culpo, Sends Message to Aurora & Makes Comment About Olivia Culpo, Too | Aurora Culpo, Bethenny Frankel, Paul Bernon | Just Jared: Celebrity News and Gossip

Real HousewivesBethenny Frankel is addressing her breakup from fiance Paul Bernon.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Bethenny and her partner of six years had ended their relationship. Now, Bethenny is opening up about everything for the first time on her podcast, including her ex’s relationship with Aurora Culpo.

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If you don’t know, Aurora spoke about the new relationship on her “Barely Filtered” podcast, which was recorded in June 2024.

“He’s still getting to know my kids,” Aurora said at the time, indicating they’ve met each other’s kids. “He’s met them twice and, like, on FaceTime and stuff.”

On the Sunday (July 7) episode of Bethenny‘s podcast, “Just B With Bethenny,” she shared she “initiated” the breakup, but added it “was certainly mutual.”

“Hearing about your ex-fiancé committing to another woman shortly thereafter on their first date, and then being inside their relationship hearing about their sex and their gifts and meeting each other’s kids and the level of commitment…It was gutting. It was brutal,” Bethenny shared.

“It’s embarrassing,” she continued, adding it was hard for her to be labeled a “spinster.”

“Being portrayed as the jilted ex who had been upgraded from…that my ex had moved on from me with a younger woman…and that it regurgitated the continuous narrative that he is a very under-the-radar person who had now gotten serious with someone, when, ironically, I was the very-under-the-radar person,” Bethenny continued.

“I’m proud of myself, and I’m proud of the way I handled [the split],” Bethenny said, before implying that Aurora and Paul might already be done. “I think this woman has learned a lot, too. Their actions cost them their relationship, which was brand-new, and who knows what would’ve happened?”

She then had a message for Aurora and any woman who might find themselves dating another woman’s ex.

She said to “think about the other woman in any situation….If you’re the new woman in a relationship you need to tread lightly and be cautious about whoever the woman before you was because we’ve all been in both positions.”

“I think by sharing all the details of your new relationship, you’re disrespecting the last relationship,” she added.

She also shared a message about Olivia Culpo, Aurora‘s famous sister.

She shared, “Incidentally, I have messaged with Olivia Culpo. I reached out to her before this media spectacle got out of hand, and she responded to me, which is sweet because she just got married, and she was really nice and said she’s a fan and she has all my books and she really looks up to me, and that was really kind and it was actually a nice, warm blanket during this whole crazy thing. So maybe she’ll come on the podcast. Congratulations Olivia. I hope you have a beautiful, beautiful life with your new husband.”

Last year, Bethenny made a surprising revelation about her relationship with Paul.

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