Best friend, Matriarch, exposed Aunty Ada for being a sidechick who knacked married man, Valhalla, despite dating Ugwunna Ejikem

**Who is Matriarch?** Matriarch is Miss Ada’s good friend. Aunty Ada knacking Valhalla means “having sex, had sex or sleeping with each other.”

**The Plot Thickens:** Did I mention that Mr. Valhalla was a married man? While Ejikem adored Mr. Valhalla, Miss Ada also secretly admired him. Lowkey, both Miss Ada and Mr. Valhalla were having something on the side, even while she was still dating Ejikem. She confided in Matriarch about the situation but didn’t reveal his name.

In a crazy plot twist, Matriarch stumbled into Mr. Valhalla’s life and entered his eyes , despite him being a married man. However, Matriarch kept saying no because she knew Mr. Valhalla was married. But that didn’t stop him from applying more pressure. Proper Naija man!

Matriarch told her good friend Miss Ada about Mr. Valhalla’s advances. Miss Ada acted like she didn’t know who Valhalla was. This continued until one day, Ejikem’s sweetheart ,Miss Ada decided to tell Matriarch that the man she’s been seeing is Valhalla. Like, WTF?

Miss Ada even denied knowing that the man disturbing Matriarch was Valhalla and revealed that she and Valhalla had been together for a while.

Crazy, right? We just finished dealing with Mr. Odanz’s case, and now we have another married man scandal on our hands!

**Who is Ejikem?** 

Ejikem is a popular Twitter influencer and a medical doctor. Remember the whole “1Ejikem = 5K” drama? Don’t worry, I’ve got the full story for you in case you missed it or forgot!

**Who is Aunty Ada?** Aunty Ada was the Twitter sweetheart, much like Ego Oyinbo is now. Everyone adored Aunty Ada. She’s pretty, classy, and a proper baddie.

Somehow, Ejikem managed to bag this baddie. (Yes, it’s like Crystal Palace signing Mbappe!) , Ejikem’s ego went up,who wouldn’t feel on top of the world bagging the queen of twitter ng baddie ? Together, Ejikem and Aunty Ada started stirring up drama on Twitter, especially Ejikem. This made everyone start disliking him, eagerly waiting for his fall.

**So what caused all this drama on tl ** 

The real trigger happened when Miss Ada confessed to Matriarch. Matriarch got angry and broke off their friendship. She confronted Mr. Valhalla about why he was planning to sleep with two friends. Mr. Valhalla claimed that Miss Ada was just a fling and that she had been begging him for attention (a relationship woman o).

The crazy part is that it was only when Matriarch told Miss Ada that she had decided to bend to the pressure and planned to visit Mr. Valhalla that Miss Ada finally revealed that the man she had been seeing lowkey was Mr. Valhalla. 

What kind of love triangle is this? Oh wait, we have Mr. Ejikem too, it’s a love trapezium! 

Meanwhile, when Mr. Ejikem comes home from treating patients to a plate of eba and okra prepared by his dream woman, Miss Ada, she also adds some juicy gossip about how her friend Matriarch has been sleeping with a married man. This gets Mr. Ejikem’s interest as he swallows his eba.

So, this morning around 7 AM, while you were still preparing to go to work, Mr. Ejikem felt that Miss Matriarch had thrown a jab at him. He called her out for sleeping with Valhalla, a married man. a story told by his now ex, Miss Ada.

Reactions from Nigerians:

ABIOLA: “Summary of the whole brouhaha on Twitter today.

Aunty Ada is a whore. She will always be. They never change. 

Matriarch is a whore as well. Ada saved her from being banged by the deceased. Why u wan go see married man?

Ejikem is a victim. He found himself in the den of whores.”

Daniel: “The Valhalla-Aunty Ada-Ejikeme-Matriach Story – A Proof of the S£xual Rot in Nigeria’s X (Twitter) Community.

In the past few hours, the timelines in Naija X (Twitter) community have blazed with inflaming gossips and unsavory gists about the sexcapade of four adults.

Of course, everyone who’s seen or heard the gist knows the characters in the story – the late x-philanthropist Valhalla, the primitively-sassy Aunty Ada, the Gen-Z baddie Matriach, and the pesky Ejikem.

These four sex-adventurers formed a relationship block, each person held on to another, mutually benefiting from the other. But, just like most friendships on X, it was a relationship bound by lust, deceit, distrust, pervertedness, and, cheating.

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