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Ariana Grande is done putting up with all of the haters.

Recently, the 31-year-old singer and actress has faced a lot of criticism over her voice change, which she said changed due to playing Glinda in the highly-anticipated movie musical Wicked.

In a new interview, Ariana clapped back at the criticism, noting that voice changing is “a normal thing people do, especially if you have a large range.”

Keep reading to find out more…“I did just spend a long time playing a character every single day,” Ariana said about playing Glinda on the Shut Up Evan podcast.

“[I trained] my voice to do different things for a long time before leaving for London and before any of this; muscle memory is a real thing,” Ariana explained.

She then went on to call out the double standards around transformative acting roles for men and women.

“I mean you see male actors, sure people make jokes here and there as well, but it’s always after the fact ‘Oh wow, how dedicated to his craft! What an amazing transformation! He’s a brilliant performer!’” Ariana noted. “But then it’s like, god forbid I sneeze like Glinda or something, [then] it’s just that I am crazy…it’s the weirdest thing.”

Also in her new interview, Ariana talked about vocal health, saying that maintaining it is “a full time commitment and it’s a lifestyle. It’s not something you can f–k around with.”

“It’s your lifeline, it’s your instrument and it’s something that you can take out of a box and put back,” she continued. “This needs to be thought about 24/7.”

Wicked: Part One hits theaters on November 22 – watch the latest trailer here!

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