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Arcane is coming back this year!

The animated Riot Games series, based on League of Legends lore, is getting a second season, Deadline reported all the way back in 2021.

Arcane follows two sisters, Vi and Powder, who find themselves on opposite sides of a conflict between the rich city of Piltover and its poor undercity Zaun. Separated as children, Powder grows up into Silco’s protegee Jinx, while Vi is presumed dead for years until an enforcer named Caitlyn frees her from prison in exchange for her help. At the same time, tensions continue to rise between Piltover’s council members as they debate the best course of action to control the production and use of Hextech.

After several years in production, we finally have more updates!

Click through to find out what’s happening with Season 2 of Arcane…

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