André 3000 Says Pimp C Was Upset With His Iconic Verse At First

André 3000 - UGK & OutKast

André 3000 – Source: Julia Beverly / Getty

In a preview of an upcoming episode of The Shop André 3000 says his now iconic “Int’l Players Anthem” verse upset Pimp C on first listen.

The upcoming episode of The Shop will feature the return of LeBron James and some very notable guests. André 3000, Jerry Lorenzo, Sexyy Red, Nigel Sylvester, and Jiaoying Summers will join James on the show.

When you have that many unique skill sets you know the episode is going to be amazing.

According to Complex, André 3000 shared a mind-blowing story of Pimp C initially being upset over his “Int’l Players Anthem” verse.

“Pimp was so mad at me because they sent the beat and I wrote my verse, put my words down and I took the beat out for me to rap,” André said about the opening verse.

His one small tweak to the record would cause some blowback at first but in the end, a historic moment was created.

“When I sent it back to them, Pimp was like, ‘F**k this muthaf**ka, man! This n***a done goddamn took my beat out! Who the f**k he think he is?!’” he continued. “So he was really mad at the choice that I had made to take the beat [out].”

Eventually, the two worked out their artistic differences and the wedding playlist everywhere would be forever changed. At one point LeBron interrupts to explain that Draymond Green walked out to the song at his wedding. When you talk about iconic rap verses “Int’l Players Anthem” is in any self-respecting person’s top 10.

Furthermore, if we’re lucky the cast on the show will convince 3stacks to continue making verses. We love the flute but we need that hip-hop album from 3stacks sooner than later.

You can watch André tell the story in the clip below.

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