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The showrunner on All American: Homecoming is opening up about the show’s upcoming series finale.

If you missed it, the CW drama and spinoff of All American just had it’s season three premiere, and it will be coming to an end later this year.

In a new interview, showrunner Nkechi Okoro Carroll opened up about the show’s upcoming ending and how she changed the season finale to make it feel “like a satisfying ending.”

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“I think literally I lifted maybe one line in the final episode, because we were still finishing up post,” she told TheWrap. “So it all worked out very conveniently.”

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Nkechi shared that she felt like she could keep making this show for much longer.

“When I’m creating the shows, it’s always because I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, I can tell these stories forever.’ The HBCU culture is so rich and so dense and so unexplored of late. We’ve had A Different World, we’ve had The Quad. But for the most part, in the history of television, those are predominantly the only shows that really delved in any real way into the HBCU culture,” she told the site. “There were seasons worth of storylines and the continuation of HBCU culture with these characters, with new characters coming in that I’ve always envisioned for the show.”

If you missed it, see what Nkechi said upon the announcement All American: Homecoming was ending after season there.

Nkechi also previously teased an upcoming episode that is a tribute to her love of a certian type of movie…

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