Adams condemns Nova exhibit protesters: ‘Pure antisemitism’

Mayor Eric Adams on Tuesday ripped the “despicable” anti-Israel protesters who mobbed a downtown Manhattan exhibit that memorializes the Oct. 7 terror attacks.

“That is pure anti-Semitism,” Adams tweeted in a 3-minute video, referring to Monday’s heinous protesters who waved Hamas and Hezbollah terrorist flags, unfurled a “Long live October 7th” banner and lamented that Adolf Hitler isn’t around to wipe out Jewish people.

New York City protesters unfurled a “Long live October 7th” banner outside a memorial for the massacre. NY Post
Anti-Israel protesters went beyond the pale in their protest Monday, Mayor Eric Adams said. FreedomNewsTV
The mayor said protesters were “desecrating the grave of innocent people.” FreedomNewsTV

The video capped a day in which New Yorkers recoiled over the widely condemned protests, which centered around the Nova Music Festival Exhibition on Wall Street.

Adams cut short a Tuesday news conference to film the video and also visited the exhibit, where he embraced a father whose daughters were murdered in the Hamas attacks.

“You do not call for peace and then come to a memorial site,” he told reporters at the exhibit. “That is like you are desecrating the grave of innocent people.”

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